March Madness continues!

A big thank you to all those who participated in the 4th Grade Talent show on Friday night! Many thanks to show organizer Jenn Levinson and co-emcee Stacy Justich.  Here’s what’s going on at BURR this week.

Basketball Tournaments — 3/12, 3/13, 3/14

We invite 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to attend a fundraiser for ALS this week. Bring in a donation to play basketball from 8 – 9 a.m. Tuesday (Gr. 3), Wednesday (Gr. 4) and Thursday (Gr. 5). Regular school attire is fine. T-shirts will not be given out but a lot of fun is in store!

Gr. 3 Talent Show Rehearsal – 3/12

All those participating in the Grade 3 Talent Show must attend this week’s rehearsal from 3:30 – 5:30 in the auditorium. All acts must be accompanied by a chaperone. Questions? Email burr3rdgradetalentshow2019@gmail.com

School Store – 3/13

Send your child in with money to purchase supplies at the school store during Wednesday’s lunch hour.

Gr. 3 Talent Show Ticket Form:

Tickets are complimentary. If you are interested in purchasing tickets in advance, you can access the form here: 


1) It’s not too late to send in your Let Grow activities. Here’s the letter on the Let Grow program: 

2)  New York State Assessments will be taking place according to the following schedule:

  • Grades 3 through 8 ELA will be administered on April 3 & 4
  • Grades 3 through 8 Math will be administered on May 1 & 2
  • Grade 4 Science will be administered on May 30 & 31
  • Grade 8 Science will be administered on May 29 & June 3

The decision to not allow participation in these tests is commonly known as “opting-out” of the test. To opt-out of state assessments, parents/guardians must simply notify the school in writing of their decision by doing ONE of the following: 

  • Submit a letter to the school stating the child’s name, grade, teacher, and list the tests for which the child will opt-out. Return this letter to your child’s school.
  • Click on the PDF link below to access the opt-out form and return this form to your child’s school.
  • Complete an online opt-out form, which can be accessed using the Parent Portal (log into the parent portal and click on message and inbox).

Please note that if the school does not receive an opt-out notification in any of the forms mentioned above, your child will be administered the exam. A separate form or letter is required for each child.

Please notify the school of your decision to opt-out as soon as possible. The opt-out form will be available on the Parent Portal until March 20th for ELA and April 12th for Math and Science. You can send this form or letter in at any time, but it would assist the schools in planning for children who opt-out if we had these letters/forms back by March 20, 2019.


Should you need assistance with your Parent Portal account information, please contact parentportal@commack.k12.ny.us.